Pusat Tuisyen Akademik Bos (PTABOS) aims to be a leading tuition centre of excellence with a conducive and nurturing environment to enable its students to realize their full potential – so they can achieve their goals and dreams in the future.

Square Stage




 Develop PTABOS students and unlock their full potential through tutorials tailored specifically according to the needs and abilities of the individual learner.

 Attract, retain, and motivate a teaching crew of caring, conscientious and well-trained professionals.


 Commitment in ensuring each lesson is stimulating and meets the learner’s objectives for growth and education.



To give students the gift of proficiency in their relevant subjects through the quality courses, dedicated PTABOS tutors and resources.

 To move forward with MOE in Digital Learning, and to embrace cultural changes in established ways of teaching and learning


  1. To provide individualized tutorials for PTABOS students.

  2. To assess and provide appropriate remedial, extension, and enrichment material for students.

  3. To assist PTABOS students in doing better at school.

  4. To co-operate and maintain open communication with students, parents, teachers, and schools by always listening, and providing feedback.

  5. To work within the curriculum guidelines of the appropriate education authority.

  6. To recognise that parents are considerate about results, and entitled to an honest, full disclosure about their child's performance at any time.

  7. To encourage students to share difficulties in learning faced at school, and to prioritize the solving of these difficulties in addition to the day’s lesson plans.

  8. To build trust with students and instill the confidence in them that they will be recognized and appreciated for all their merits.

  9. To be sensitive towards the learning and emotional needs of students.

  10. To foster the next generation of scholars, intellectuals, and shapers of society

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